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Getting the deal through – Tax on Inbound Investment 2011 – Greece

Possible forms of business combinations, classified according to the legal structure used, are as follows. • absorption merger: where the assets and liabilities of one company are fully absorbed by another. The ‘absorbed’ company ceases to exist as a legal entity and the company performing the buyout takes over its assets and liabilities; • consolidation: the combination of two separate companies into a new company with separate legal existence. In this case both companies cease to exist; • merger buyouts: realised by either a share deal, where the buying company buys out shares of the target company, or by an asset deal, where the buyer purchases the target company itself and...

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Getting the Deal Through – Construction 2011 – Greece

The main concerns would be the same concerns as any other type of business, that is, immigration and taxation issues. Language may be seen as an important barrier to any type of business establishment in Greece, because even though most Greeks doing business speak English, the only official language in Greece is Greek and assistance will need to be sought from Greek-speaking advisers...

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