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Recent developments in Greek taxation and corporate compliance issues

1. Greece has adopted the EU anti- tax avoidance Directive (ATAD) through a new law, which is in force from 1.1.2019 onwards. The rules transposed in domestic law amended the following provisions: 1.a. The Greek thin capitalization rules (article 49 Greek Income tax code) were reformulated in order to fully comply with the Directive. However, no significant changes were made in relation to the previous provisions system, which complied with the Directive to a great extent. Specifically, excess borrowing costs are deducted in the tax year in which they are occurred only up to 30% of the company’s earnings before taxes,...

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The procedural aspects (step-by-step) of the filling of the tax return related to the gain from the transfer of shares

Tax residents in Greece should submit electronically, via their personal account on the official website of the Ministry of Finance (hereinafter “taxisnet”), a tax return in which they should declare their worldwide income, as well as the tax deducted abroad. ...

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The distinction between tax on rental income and tax on capital profits from selling assets acquired by Greek S.A. Companies. The deductible expenses (Is ENFIA a deductible expense?)

Income Tax Code, all revenues acquired by legal entities of Article 45 of the Income Tax Code, including income from lease of property and goodwill deriving from the transfer of property for value, are considered as income from business activity and taxed...

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The differences to the tax treatment of the rental between tourism and residential property in the case of a local branch of a foreign company and the accounting treatment of the branch.

Τhe accounting treatment of the branch, the accrual accounting principle applies i.e. the transactions made during the tax year in the relevant accounts between the head office and the branch are only monitored while the incorporation of the financial data of the branch into its accounts taking place at the end of the tax year....

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The tax treatment of fixed assets and equipment depreciation costs related to Research & Development (R&D expenses)

What is the tax treatment of fixed asset and equipment depreciation for the 2018 tax year? Examination of the possibility of expenditure in past years on building improvements and equipment purchases being depreciated during the 2018 tax year given the change in the tax regime (at what rate should this be done and for how many past years?) For the R&D applications submitted for tax years 2016 and 2017, which is the deadline for the General Secretariat for Research & Technology issuing a decision on these applications....

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EN.F.I.A. (real estate property tax) and its calculation

According to articles 1-13 L.4223/2013, as amended and applied, since 2014, EN.F.I.A. is imposed to all real estate properties that are in Greece, either leased or not, and belong to natural or legal persons on the 1st of January each year and irrespectively of any amendments that may occur during that year and regardless of the transfer of the title. In particular, EN.F.I.A. is imposed to the following rights in rem: • Full ownership • Bare ownership • Usufruct • Dwelling • Surface of the real estate property EN.F.I.A. is also imposed to the following rights in rem or rights under contract law: • Of Exclusive use • Of...

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Greek tax provisions for Lebanese citizens who are Greek tax residents

What is the practical and legal significance for a Greek tax resident of the facts that Lebanon: i. does not have a Treaty for the avoidance of double taxation with Greece and it used to be a non-cooperative jurisdiction until 2017. ii. it has become a party to the OECD Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. i. The first main consequence of the absence of a Double Taxation Convention between Greece and Lebanon until August 31st, 2017 is the risk of the same income being taxed twice, in Greece and Lebanon as well....

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