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Labor & Employment

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The term “Labor Law” means the set of legal rules regulating the relations within an existing contract of employment between employer and employees. These provisions determine the rights and obligations of employees and employers. Meanwhile, labor law also regulates the relations between employees, employers, and the State, understood, of course, always by the spectrum of a so called (under Greek law) dependent employment relationship.

Labor Law is the instrument for harmonizing the relations between these two opposing interests, while defining the framework for the use of labor and its remuneration, with the aim of social welfare and social development.

As is well known, Greek labor legislation in force today is scattered in many provisions of laws, decrees, ministerial decisions, etc. Furthermore, if there are no specific provisions on certain issues or if the existing ones do not cover all categories of employees or all their issues, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code apply in a complementary (subsidiary) manner. The most important addition to this legislative matrix is undoubtedly the most recent greek labor Law 4808/2021, which brought about significant changes to structural provisions of labor law (working hours, teleworking, dismissals, right to strike, etc.). Also, Convention 190 of the International Labor Organization on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work, Convention 187 of the International Labor Organization on the Framework for the Promotion of Safety and Health at Work were ratified and Directive (EU) 2019/1158 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on the balance between professional and private life was incorporated into national Greek legislation through the Law 4808/2021.

Our firm provides specialized legal support in matters related to labor law at both individual and collective level. We undertake cases concerning the conclusion of the employment relationship, any alterations to it, as well as its termination, both on an advisory level and on the level of representation before the courts as well as the Labor Inspectorate (SEPE) and social security institutions.

Our attorneys have handled cases on behalf of employers and employees, Greek and multinational foreign legal entities, such as movement and/or borrowing of personnel within and outside the Greek borders, issuance/renewal of work permits, financial claims, internal labor regulations, flexible working and trade union management, industrial accidents, pension issues, individual and collective dismissals, workforce restructuring, etc.

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