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Required documents for the Greek tax registration number (A.F.M.) issuance

The required documents to apply an individual for a Greek tax registration number (A.F.M.) in Greece are the following: 1. Form M1 "Application for tax number/ Change of Personal Data", including the following information: • personal information, ie surname, father name, date of birth, place of birth; • identity information, ie number of passport, date and authority of issuance; • nationality, profession and marital status; 2. Current residence address in Greece; it is not required any document proving your address in Greece (ie lease contract etc). The residence determines the local competence of tax office. 3. A transcript of your passport or your identity card. The above...

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Alternative taxation of income of natural persons who are beneficiaries of pension income from abroad

Alternative taxation of income of individuals who are beneficiaries of pension income from abroad and who transfer their tax residence to Greece - Procedure and conditions for inclusion [Article 5B of Law 4172/2013]. An individual recipient of pension income who transfers his or her tax residence to Greece can be taxed in an alternative manner for income that is generated abroad. Under the alternative method of taxation, each tax year the individual pays a tax at a rate of 7% for all income acquired abroad, unless that income is exempt from tax in the country of residence under the provisions of...

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Law 27/1975 offices of ship management companies – dividend distribution

 (Memo on the tax obligations of a foreign shipowner company in Greece related to distribution of dividends to individuals-Greek tax residents through their foreign ship management Company which established an office under law 27/1975”) tax obligations 1.a. As regards companies established an office in Greece under law 27/1975 and engaged in ship management, the following applies: If that companies have not signed the New Memorandum on Voluntary Grant between the Greek State and the Shipping Community ratified by Law 4607/2019, the tonnage tax on vessels flying foreign flag, which are managed by foreign companies established in Greece pursuant to Article 25 of...

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Tax treatment of foreign trust and foreign foundation under Greek law (Circular 1114/2017 of the Ministry of Finance)

GENERAL According to Greek law, the Anglo-Saxon trust, which is an institution with origins in the common law, is a sui generis property management and liquidation regime, which has no legal personality and which is created either by a declaration of the owner of the property or by transferring such property, whether inter vivos or by means of a will. The settlor or trustor of the trust enters into a deed of settlement with the trustee and transfers to him assets, which he manages for the benefit of other persons, trustees or beneficiaries or to his own benefit (the trustee)...

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Documentation requirements for taxpayers under Greek law – rights of access of the tax administration

Article 13 of Law 4174/2013 (Hellenic Tax Procedures Code) states that all persons with income from business activities are obliged to keep a reliable accounting system and suitable accounting records in accordance with the accounting standards specified in Greek law in order to prepare financial statements and other information in accordance with the tax laws. The accounting system and accounting records are examined as a whole, and not individual parts thereof, in terms of their reliability and suitability. “Accounting records, electronic tax registers, tax memories and files generated by electronic tax registers” must be retained for at least: (a) a period...

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Alternative taxation method pursuant to Article 5A of Law 4172/2013, as added by Law No 4646/2019 (Greek Government Gazette No A’ 201/12.12.2019)

Pursuant to the recent legal framework [Article 5A of Law 4172/2013], an individual who transfers his/her tax residence in Greece may be subject to an alternative income tax regime. The requirements which must be met are the following: a) The individual concerned has not been a tax resident in Greece for the previous seven (7) of the last eight (8) years; Cases: • Whether the individual appears in the records of the Tax Administration as a foreign tax resident for the previous seven (7) of the last eight (8) years, no supporting documentation is required. • Whether information proving the individual's tax residence during the...

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Upcoming tax developments in Greece

VAT Suspension of the imposition of VAT on construction activity for the following three (3) years. Reduction of VAT rates from 13% to 11% and from 24% to 22% within the following four (4) years, especially for baby essentials. Gradual imposing of e-business invoicing (B2B) and e- accounting books.   Real estate tax Reduction of the Unified Real Estate Property Tax (hereafter EN.F.I.A.) rates within the next two (2) years. Suspension of the imposition of goodwill tax on the transfer of property for the next three (3) years. Tax deductions for the expenses related to energy functional and upgrading of...

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Recent developments in Greek taxation and corporate compliance issues

1. Greece has adopted the EU anti- tax avoidance Directive (ATAD) through a new law, which is in force from 1.1.2019 onwards. The rules transposed in domestic law amended the following provisions: 1.a. The Greek thin capitalization rules (article 49 Greek Income tax code) were reformulated in order to fully comply with the Directive. However, no significant changes were made in relation to the previous provisions system, which complied with the Directive to a great extent. Specifically, excess borrowing costs are deducted in the tax year in which they are occurred only up to 30% of the company’s earnings before taxes,...

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