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Immigration Law

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The term “immigration” or “foreigners’ law” or more properly called “law on the legal status of foreigners” is interpreted as the rules governing the entry, residence and social integration (studies, employment etc.) of foreigners in the Greek territory that may lead to acquiring Greek citizenship. The law specifically provides for four general foreigners’ categories:

a) EU member states citizens;

b) third countries citizens;

c) political refugees and aliens (stateless), and

d) expatriates and repatriates.

The fact that Greece is an EU member state and a signatory of the Schengen Treaty has a significant impact on this area of law. Entry formalities have been lifted for citizens of EU member states-signatories of the Schengen Treaty. Moreover, requirements for permanent residency in Greece (as well as in all other member states) have been simplified for EU member states citizens. With regard to third countries citizens as well as political refugees and aliens (stateless), the provisions, as applicable, derive -amongst others- from the harmonization of community law.The “law on the legal status of foreigners” falls under public law including significant elements of international law and presents many particularities. In addition, it could be described as complex and difficult in its implementation, especially due to the geographical position of Greece, being “Europe’s Gateway” to immigration.The main law governing entry, residence and social integration of third countries citizens in the Greek territory is Law 4251/2014, with the exception of any more favorable bilateral or multilateral treaties among states.

We provide inter alia the following services:-Visas application assistance – list of requirements/preparation of documentation-Co-ordination with the Greek consulates -Employment-related entry visas and work permits-Permanent residency applications -Legalizations and Hague Convention apostilles-Business visa eligibility reviews/preparation of application files-Ex-pats tax compliance & formalities

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