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Preconditions for further tourism development

The estimation of 19 million tourist arrivals in Greece proves the high demand it has developed as a tourist destination, during the last two years.
In particular, the goal of the  19 million arrivals is likely going to be surpassed; because during July-August the accommodation located in the most known destinations of the country has managed to absorb the excess demand.
This fact shows that, there is a great need for the new tourism investments to proceed, in order for the available accommodation to increase. While, at the same time, the proceeding of the tourist season time elongation design is necessary, through the promotion of new destinations.
The final goal is that Greece becomes one of the top ten international tourist destinations and produces directly and indirectly 20% of the country’s GDP.
Until 2021 Greece’s goal is to reach 24 million arrivals, with 19 billion euro in direct income, namely nine units over the current GDP.
In order for the goal to be met, according to the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), additions have to be made to the investment law so as to include the nautical and medical tourism and a prediction exclusively regarding the tourism investment of the amount of 3,5 billion euro until 2021, resulting from the new National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF).
The investment percentages cannot be less than 20%-30%, while Athens and Thessaloniki have to be included for the modernization and improvement of this touristic product.
Finally, the opening up to new markets, like China, Is imperative because it is considered that the Chinese tourists will dramatically increase the average per capita touristic expenditure in our country.

(Source – Naftemporiki)

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