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Required documents for the Greek tax registration number (A.F.M.) issuance

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Required documents for the Greek tax registration number (A.F.M.) issuance

The required documents to apply an individual for a Greek tax registration number (A.F.M.) in Greece are the following:

1. Form M1 “Application for tax number/ Change of Personal Data”, including the following information:
• personal information, ie surname, father name, date of birth, place of birth;
• identity information, ie number of passport, date and authority of issuance;
• nationality, profession and marital status;

2. Current residence address in Greece; it is not required any document proving your address in Greece (ie lease contract etc). The residence determines the local competence of tax office.

3. A transcript of your passport or your identity card.

The above documents shall be filed in writing before competent tax office.

It is provided also an electronic procedure which unfortunately is currently unavailable. The competent authority is the Department C of General Authority of  Tax Administration (Service myAADElive). The individual who chooses the electronic submission shall contact an employee of the myAADE live by appointment via video call.


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