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Company Law

Establishment of a foreign shipping company’s office in Greece (L. 27/1975)

According to Article 25 of Law 27/1975, “By decision of the Ministers of Finance, Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and Shipping and the Aegean, specific issues are regulated, related to the required supporting documents and the procedure for the establishment of offices in Greece or branches of foreign shipping companies, as well as any other necessary details”. According to no. 3122.18/03/13 – Government Gazette B 3263 / 20.12.2013 – Regulation of details concerning the required supporting documents and the procedure for the establishment in Greece of offices or branches of foreign shipping companies and subordination of domestic shipping companies to...

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Establishment of a branch of a foreign company in Greece – Supporting documentation before the Commercial Registry

The supporting documentation required for the approval of the establishment in Greece of a branch of a foreign company by the competent General Commercial Register is the following: 1. Company decision related to the establishment of a branch in Greece, specifying the purpose, the location, the name and the legal representative of the branch. 2. Copy of the Articles of Association of the foreign company, as in force at the time of the application (certified by the competent foreign Authority). 3. Certificate issued by the competent foreign authority confirming that the company has not been dissolved nor its establishment has been revoked. 4. Certificate...

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General formalities of an IKE company to GEMI (Company registrar)

Within one month from its registration, the company must obtain a company website indicating (in both Greek and English): a) full name and address of the shareholder/s b) contribution category of the shareholder/s (capital contributions, non-capital contributions and guarantee contributions) c) Managers (directors) of IKE (with full data) d) name of IKE e) share capital f) total amount of any guarantee contributions h) registered seat and full address of IKE i) GEMI number j) whether the company is in liquidation...

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Personal Companies Initiation

Those who wish to engage in commercial practice for the first time or alongside with their main activity, pursuing a common objective with at least one partner, have the option of establishing some form of company. The advantages of establishing a company are the following: a) a new legal entity is formed, with its own property and b) a contractual relationship is created between the partners....

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Cross border merger – implementation of Directive 2005/56/EC under Greek law

Law 3777/2009 was passed in compliance with Directive 2005/56/EC issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union with regards to cross-border mergers of capital companies (i.e.  SA companies, limited liability companies, etc) between different member-states....

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Silent partnership

With articles 285-292 of Law 4072/2012, the State has for the first time attempted to regulate -even though in a loose manner- issues concerning the silent partnership, a corporate form that always used to appear very frequently in practice, but was barely regulated by Law. Due to this lack of non-exhaustive legislative regulation, the silent partnership constitutes the corporate type where the principle of contractual freedom has known its greatest implementation, with partners having the power to regulate their (internal) partnership relations totally freely....

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S.A. company acts and details subject to publicity

At the time of the company’s incorporation, statutory provisions have to be published regarding the following matters: 1) Company name 2) Registered seat 3) Corporate object 4) Company’s duration, 5) The amount of the share capital and manner of its contribution (cash or contributions in kind) 6) Shares (number, type of shares and nominal value) 7) Corporate financial year (beginning-end) 8) Regular auditors (if any) 9) Complete information (identification data) of the Members of Board of Directors and information regarding the company’s representation. The following information has to be published during the company’s opperation: Each year: 1) The annual financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, income appropriation account and Notes). 2) The invitation...

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I.K.E. company acts and details subject to publicity

Information which has to be published at the time of incorporation: 1) name of the sole shareholder or shareholders 2) inclusion in or deletion from the company name of the word “sole-shareholder” 3) the company’s website 4) appointment of a company operator 5) assessment of the partners’ capital contributions in kind 6) statutory provisions concerning the following data: i) name, surname and e-mail address of the partner ii) corporate name iii) company’s seat iv) corporate object v) the fact of the company being an IKE company vi) share capital, partners’ contributions and kind of contributionsvii) shares total viii) initial amount of the partners’ shares and the kind of contribution they represent ix) operator and...

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