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EN.F.I.A. (real estate property tax) and its calculation

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EN.F.I.A. (real estate property tax) and its calculation

According to articles 1-13 L.4223/2013, as amended and applied, since 2014, EN.F.I.A. is imposed to all real estate properties that are in Greece, either leased or not, and belong to natural or legal persons on the 1st of January each year and irrespectively of any amendments that may occur during that year and regardless of the transfer of the title.

In particular, EN.F.I.A. is imposed to the following rights in rem:

• Full ownership
• Bare ownership
• Usufruct
• Dwelling
• Surface of the real estate property

EN.F.I.A. is also imposed to the following rights in rem or rights under contract law:

• Of Exclusive use
• Of Parking place
• Of Auxiliary room
• Of Swimming pool
which are located in a part of a co-owned real estate property and constitute a corollary of the above-mentioned rights in rem.

It is noted that the full owner is obliged to pay the total EN.F.I.A., which is charged on the real estate property, in proportion to the percentage of his co-ownership.
In order the EN.F.I.A. to be estimated, the actual status of the real estate property is taken into account as it results from its definitive registration at the cadastral office. In case there is no definitive registration yet, the data of the property are taken into account as they result from the title of acquisition. If there is no title of acquisition, the property’s status is taken into account.

EN.F.I.A. is calculated as follows:
EN.F.I.A. = the principal tax (on any real estate property) + supplementary tax (on the total value of the rights on the property of the taxable person).

The principal tax, which corresponds to the rights over the buildings, derives from the calculation of certain criteria, such as the geographical position, the surface, the use, the oldness, the floor and the number of facades of the building, for which the following coefficients have been set. Their prices, except for those listed as follows, also derive from the corresponding tables provided in article 4 L. 4223/2013:
a) Basic Tax (B.T.) per Tax Zone (T.Z.): the geographical position of a building is the one that determines the price of the zone to which it belongs. The zones’ prices are set by a Ministerial Decision, so according to the zones’ price applicable on the 1st of January of the tax year, the building is classified in a corresponding T.Z.
b) Building oldness coefficient (Σ.Π.Κ.)
c) Surface impairment coefficient (Σ.Α.Ε.)
d) Floor coefficient (Σ.Ο.)
e) Detached house coefficient (Σ.Μ.): set at 1.02.
f) Facade coefficient (Σ.Π.): set to 1 for zero number facades, 1,01 for buildings with one facade and 1,02 for buildings with two or more facades and is not applied to the auxiliary rooms and the special buildings.
g) Auxiliary rooms coefficient (Σ.Β.Χ.): set to 0,1
h) Coefficient of incomplete buildings (Σ.Η.Κ.): set to 0,4 and is applied to incomplete buildings, irrespectively to the construction’s stage, which: i) they have never been electrified and are empty or ii) are electrified with construction site electricity, they have never had any other power supply than the construction site electricity and are empty, as well as.
i) Coefficient for special buildings (Σ.Ε.Κ.): set to 0,5 and is not applied when the auxiliary rooms’ coefficient has been already applied.

The principal tax for the rights over the real estate property, except for special buildings, as appropriate equals the product of the surface, the basic tax, the building oldness’ coefficient, the floor’s coefficient or the detached house’s coefficient, the facades’ coefficient, the auxiliary rooms’ coefficient and the coefficient of incomplete buildings, as follows:

Tax = building’s surface (m2) x basic tax x building’s oldness coefficient x floor coefficient x detached house’s coefficient x facade coefficient x auxiliary spaces coefficient (where applied) x coefficient of incomplete buildings (where applied)

For any individual, the supplementary tax is imposed and calculated in the total value of the rights according to the scales and coefficients of the following table:

Scale (€) Coefficient (%)
0,01 – 250.000 0,0%
250.000,01 – 300.000 0,15%
300.000,01 – 400.000 0,30%
400.000,01 – 500.000 0,50%
500.000,01 – 600.000 0,60%
600.000,01 – 700.000 0,80%
700.000,01 – 800.000 0,90%
800.000,01 – 900.000 1,00%
900.000,01 – 1.000.000 1,05%
1.000.000,01 – 2.000.000 1,10%
Excessive 1,15%

The EN.F.I.A. is determined by an act of administrative determination of the tax issued by the Tax Administration during the period from the end of August to the end of September (article 31 of the Tax Procedure Code). The amount shall be paid via a lump sum concluded by the last working day of the month following the issuance of the tax determination act or in equal monthly installments, each of which may not be less than ten (10) euros, and from which the first installment is paid until the last working day of the month following the issuance date of the tax determination act. In the last scenario, the next installments shall be concluded until the last working day of each subsequent month, and the last installment shall be paid until the last working day of January of the following year.

Especially for 2018 provided that the tax determination act is issued within September 2018, the first installment shall be paid until 30 September 2018.

Example of primary and supplementary tax calculation:
One 4th floor apartment, with main rooms 176m², auxiliary areas 2m², 1 facade, 1947- the year of construction, with an objective value of €741.170,40 and zone price €5.800.
The B.T. according to the zone price is 13€/m² as shown in the following table:

Zone Price (€/μ2) T.Ζ. Β.T. (€/m²)
0 – 550 1 2,00
551 – 750 2 2,80
751 – 1050 3 2,90
1051 – 1.500 4 3,70
1.501 – 2.000 5 4,50
2.001 – 2.500 6 6,00
2.501 – 3.000 7 7,60
3.001 – 3.500 8 9,20
3.501 – 4.000 9 9,50
4.001 – 4.500 10 11,10
4.501 – 5.000 11 11,30
5.001 + 12 13,00

The values of the other coefficients applied in the present case and derive from corresponding tables, provided in article 4 L.4223/2013 and are the following:

The building oldness coefficient for the constructing year 1947 is 1,00.

The tax coefficient for the 4th floor is 1,02.

The facade coefficient for a real estate property with one facade is 1,01.

The auxiliary rooms coefficient for 2m2 is set to 0,1.

Therefore, the Principal Tax derives from the sum of the following products:

m2 (of main spaces) x B.T. x building oldness coefficient x floor coefficient x facade coefficient =

176 x 13 x 1,00 x 1,02 x 1,01 = €2.357,10

m2 (of auxiliary rooms) x B.T. X building oldness coefficient x floor coefficient x Auxiliary spaces coefficient = 2 x 13 x 1,00 x 1,02 x 0,1= €2,65

Total amount of Main Tax: €2.359,75

In case the objective value of the real estate property is over €250.000, a supplementary tax is implied as well, which is estimated according to the above-mentioned scale.

The supplementary tax for the specific real estate property (property’s value €741.170,40), amounts to € 2,425.53.

Total amount of EN.F.I.A.=Main tax + supplementary tax = €2.359,75 + €2.425,53= €4.785,28.

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