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Commercial Law

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Establishment of a branch of a foreign ΝGO in Greece

A. A foreign Non-governmental organization (hereinafter “NGO”) can establish a branch in Greece, even if its legal form is not applicable in Greece. The supporting documentation required for the approval of the establishment in Greece of a branch of a foreign company by the competent General Commercial Register is the following: 1. Application signed before the Department of the General Commercial Register upon submission of the supporting documents. 2. Company decision related to the establishment of a branch in Greece, specifying the purpose, the location, the name and the legal representative of the branch; 3. Copy of the Articles of Association of the foreign...

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Procedure – supporting documents required for transferring a Greek trademark

To transfer a Greek trademark, the following supporting documents should be submitted to the Department for Trademarks of the Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime Affairs and Tourism: (1) Private (or notarial) agreement signed by the contracting parties. Where the contracting parties are legal persons, the agreement should be signed by their legal representatives or other persons duly authorised to this effect. The signatures in a private agreement should be authenticated by a Citizens’ Service Centre (KEP) or a public authority. (2) Where the contracting parties are legal persons, the following should also be submitted:(a) for sociétés anonyme and limited liability companies, the...

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Credit companies / loan companies- the legislative framework which governs them

According to Article 4 of Law 3601/2007 [1] ("Taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions, capital adequacy of credit institutions and investment firms and other provisions"), undertakings that are NOT credit institutions (Banks) are prohibited from professionally carrying on the business of taking deposits or other repayable funds from the public. According to the same article, subject to the specific provisions of the legislation, the professional granting of loans or other credit is also prohibited, unless special authorization has been granted for this purpose by the Bank of Greece. The terms for the issuing of an authorization...

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