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Supporting documents for real estate purchase agreements (2015)

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Supporting documents for real estate purchase agreements (2015)

1. Real property acquisition title.

2. Copy of construction permit for the real property, validated by the relevant town planning authority, where the permit has been issued after 17 March 1983.

3. Engineer certificate under Law 4178/2013 “on addressing illegal construction”. Where the real property is located in land not zoned, the certificate should also be accompanied by a surveyor’s plan dependent on the Hellenic Geodetic Reference System 1987 (HGRS87), unless it falls under the exceptions provided for in Article 2 of Law 4178/2013 (for example, real property on a beach zone, forest land, historical site, etc.).

4. Surveyor’s plan for the real property together with statements under Law 651/1977 and Law 1337/1983 dependent on the HGRS87, outlining the construction and indicating the surface areas.

5. Statement of inclusion under the provisions of Laws 3775/2009, 3843/2010, or 4178/2013 in the event of change of the use of the real property or illegal extension or addition, indicating that the procedure has been completed or at least that an amount equal to 30% has been paid, and the accompanying plans.

6. Energy efficiency certificate, issued for real property of a total surface area exceeding 50 m² by an Energy Inspector.

7. The Land Registry (or Land Registration Office) requires the following documents, as the case may be:

Certificate regarding submission of a statement of property (one per property and per transferor) or

Extract from the cadastral plan (potentially accompanied by a copy of the cadastral sheet) or

Certificate of submission of a statement of property.

8. Proof/Certificate of payment of taxes or confirmation of debt together with a succinct description of the real property to be transferred certified by the competent Tax Office.

9. Certificate issued by the competent Tax Office asserting that no inheritance, gift or other tax is due, where the acquisition title stems from inheritance, parental gift, donation, or sale of bare ownership to which usufruct has been integrated. After 31 December 1994, applications are prepared by a notary, whereas after 31 December 2014 submission of a validated copy of the aforementioned title suffices.

10. Certificate of Single Real-Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 generated from Taxisnet or issued by the competent Tax Office, as the case may be.

11. Certificate confirming that no contribution in land or in cash is owed and that no statement of property has been submitted, where the plot of land has been integrated in the town plan and falls under the provisions of Law 1337/1983 “on extension of town plans”.

12. Certificate of payment of social contributions issued by the Social Insurance Institute (IKA), only where the seller is a merchant, exercises a liberal profession, is constructing a building, is employing staff, has been a company representative in the past decade, etc.

13. Authorisation for contracting legal persons (Articles of Association, Government Gazette issue, etc.).

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