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Registration of an international trademark

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Registration of an international trademark

The registration of an international trademark requires an investigation in the database for international trademarks with respect to those countries where one wishes to have the trademark registered, so as to identify whether a similar trademark has already been registered.

In order to file an application for the registration of an international trademark, the applicant must be a Greek citizen or a resident in Greece or a company or a partnership having a real and permanent establishment in Greece and must have already filed an application for registration or registered the same trademark as a Greek one (if the application is filed within 6 months of filing of the domestic trademark, the applicant is entitled to request a priority).

The application must be filed with the Ministry of Development and must be accompanied by: a) the receipt of payment of a duty of € 15 for the dispatch of the application to the International Trademark Office; b) a copy of the domestic trademark; and c) the application form in an electronic format.

The main duty for the application in case of a trademark in black and white is CHF 653, whereas in case of colour trademark CHF 903.

The applicant must indicate (choose) the requested countries (most of them entail individual or additional duties and expenses per class), i.e. the trademark is checked in each country of destination and is not registered automatically in all countries but only in the countries requested.

The registration of an EU trademark does not require prior filing of an application for the registration of a domestic one, however the law gives the option to convert a domestic into an EU one.

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