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Explanatory Circular no 58037/2014

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Explanatory Circular no 58037/2014

Athens 8 of April 2015

Pr. No 58037/2014

Holders of residence permits for other reasons 

Third country citizens entering or permanently residing in Greece for one of the reasons cited in Law 4251/2014 who apply to obtain or renew a residence permit of a type which allows them to be insured with a private insurance provider, can submit:

• Insurance contracts entered into abroad, provided those contracts expressly indicate that they cover the person concerned for such time as he resides in Greece or

• Insurance contracts entered into in Greece.

The contracts will be accepted if they do not include deductibles and special additional covenants which contain clearly abusive terms, which in reality cancel out medical, pharmaceutical and hospital coverage, such as deductibles or waiting periods, and must also cover the time period the residence permit is valid for.To meet the provisions of Article 6(e) of Law 4251/2014 the coverage under the insurance contracts shall relate to:

• Insurance for permanent total or partial disability caused by accident. The level of benefits provided must be at least € 15,000 a year, with the insured person’s contribution being up to 20% maximum. Note that the term ‘permanent’ relates to both total and partial disability and not just to one of those types of disability, and consequently the policies submitted must provide coverage for both types of permanent disability. Given that disability benefit is a type of allowance and consequently there is no provision for a contribution, insurance contracts which do not indicate any contribution payable by the insured party will be accepted provided that they indicate that the minimum capital covered is € 15,000.

• Medicare (medical and pharmaceutical) costs for illness or accident. The level of benefits provided must be at least € 1,500 a year, with the insured person’s contribution being up to 20% maximum. This coverage relates to primary healthcare which includes covering the cost of diagnostic tests and medical visits.

• Extensive hospital treatment. The level of benefits provided must be at least € 10,000 a year, with the insured person’s contribution being up to 20% maximum. The term ‘extensive’ describes the type of hospital coverage, namely coverage of the cost associated with medically necessitated admission to, and stays by the insured person as an in-patient in a hospital (accommodation, meals, doctors/surgeons’ fees, medical treatments and tests, surgical fees, medicines, medical supplies).

– Pensioners will meet the requirement of complete insurance coverage for illness if they are entitled to medical care from the state which is paying their pension.

– The European health insurance card offers full coverage when the EU citizen does not transfer his residence within the meaning of Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 to another state and intends to return home, e.g. when he is studying or seconded to another Member State.

In the case of residence permits valid for more than 1 year, the third country citizen must renew the insurance contract covering a period of 1 year every year so as that this can be demonstrated to your Department either during random checks carried out or when the permit is being renewed.

In the latter case (i.e. during the renewal process) the third country citizen must submit insurance contracts to your Department which cover all past years, otherwise, in accordance with the provisions of Article 24(1) of Law 4251/2014, the permit will be revoked from the date on which insurance ceased to apply.

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