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Procedure for the renunciation of inheritance

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Procedure for the renunciation of inheritance

According to the provisions of art.1847 of the Greek Civil Code, the successor has the right to renounce the inheritance within four months, starting: in the lack of a will, from the time for devolution to inheritance and the relationship. If there is a will, the deadline starts from the time the will was insinuated.

Based on art.1848 Greek Civil Code, the renunciation of inheritance requires a declaration submitted to the Court of Inheritance. Furthermore, according to the provisions of art.30 of Code of Civil Procedure, the authorized court is the court of the district in which the diseased had, at the time of death, his permanent residence or common domicile, ex. If one had his permanent residence (for as long as he was alive) in Athens, the declaration for the renunciation of Inheritance is submitted before Department of General Records of the Athens’ Court of First Instance.

In order to successfully submit the afore mentioned declaration for the renunciation, the successors- if they are the first ones in line to renounce the inheritance- are required to appear in person before the Court and submit the following documents: 1. Death Certificate of the diseased 2. Their identities.

In case they are not the first ones to renounce the inheritance, they are also required to submit a report for the renunciation.

In case the renunciation is made by a proxy, a document certifying power of attorney is also required.