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Acquisition & Revocation of Greek citizenship – Q&As

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Acquisition & Revocation of Greek citizenship – Q&As

– Is it enough for someone to prove 24,000 euros per year alone? Or should have a formal job?

Someone must prove at least 24,000 income for one person per year (e.g. bank accounts, etc). This income should not come from a job (this type of residence permit is for people who are financially independent persons = they have income without working).


– Is it possible for someone to study in the EU with this residency? It is possible to study in Greece?

If the sponsor (the person who has the income and gets the FIP residence permit), also has a child less than 18 years old, in Greece (so the required income is more), this child can go to school in Greece as every Greek child. But if someone has a FIP residence permit, cannot attend university, then needs a student’s residence permit, which is a totally different thing.


– Will this residency later become Greek citizenship? With the Greek passport?

If someone stays in Greece for at least 7 years and learns Greek and gets involved in life in Greece, then can apply for Greek citizenship (but must also pass a test in Greek language etc).


– What will be the conditions for children over 18 or married?

If someone comes to Greece with FIP residence permit cannot also bring children 18 years old or married. If though, when the family starts living in Greece, when the child is minor and not married, then they can stay after their 18th birthday with another type of residence permit.

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