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Public Procurement

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Remedies against actions of the Administration in relation to public procurement bids according L.3886/2010

1)  Preliminary claim under article 4 L.3886/2010 A Preliminary claim shall be filed in Police Headquarters within 10 days from the notification of the Administration’s illegal action or omission and with full justification of the presented arguments.   The claim must indicate in detail, which law provisions and tender requirements have been violated and the exact reasons of this infringement. The content of the preliminary claim must be the same with the content of the application for interim measures, which means that our arguments must be exactly the same.) Timetable: Filing of claim: within 10 days from the notification of the Administration’s action. Decision of the...

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Changes introduced by law 3978/2011 in Defense procurements

Chapter Γ’ (C) of recent law 3978/2011 (16.6.2011) on Public Procurement in the field of Defense and Security, harmonization with EU directive 2009/81 and other matters relating to the Ministry of Defense brought significant changes in the legal framework of defense procurement. The changes affect to a very large extent companies who act as intermediaries between bidders and the Ministry of Defense, in an effort to enhance transparency and combat corruption. The law may be seen as a reflex of the legislator to recent scandals that were publicized, related to bribes channeled through offshore entities that were appearing as consultants of...

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