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Getting the deal through – Tax on Inbound Investment 2016 – Greece

The equity of companies that keep single-entry accounting books is the capital shown in the articles of association from the time the company was incorporated and any amendments to those articles of association. Regard is also had to the purchase of any fixed assets, subsidies and grants that have not been included in the acquisition cost of fixed assets and the coverage of other costs, and other items demonstrating an increase in capital for which the company has not amended its articles of association....

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Greek capital controls – Survival Guide for businesses

Following the capital controls imposed on the Greek banking system, it is useful to address certain lawful alternatives for businesses to carry out transactions with their clients and suppliers and to pay their staff. A. The restrictions imposed through the bank holiday (Capital Controls) In accordance with Legislative Act dated 28.06.2015, as currently in force, the period between June 28 and July 6, 2015 is declared to be a bank holiday during which all credit institutions operating in Greece under any form whatsoever, including any branches of foreign credit institutions, shall be closed for business. This time period may be extended by...

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