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For Greek companies and branches of foreign companies in Greece:

We would like to inform you that there is a census of Greek SA companies, Ltd Companies and branches in Greece of foreign companies taking place in Greece at the moment.

According to this, every Greek SA company or Ltd Company or branch in Greece of foreign company (if formed before 4-4-2011 ) is required to register to

the General Electronic Commercial Registry (in Greek “Geniko Emboriko Mitroo”-“G.Ε.ΜH.”)

Closing date for registration of SA Companies and Ltd Companies is from 27 of October 2012 until 29 of December 2012, according to the last number of the company’s “AFM” (Tax Identification number).

Registration is done either on line, free of charge, or by submitting company documents to the competent Commercial Chamber. In this case Commercial Chamber charges 10 € per each company document required.